Cut your costs by using “empty legs”


Düsseldorf airline Triple Alpha is offering its customers a new service. Starting from now, free flight capacity – “Empty Legs” – will be displayed on Triple Alpha’s homepage. Empty legs are routes that are flown without passengers.

As the largest supplier of business and private flights in the Rhine-Ruhr region, Triple Alpha flies routes to suit the needs of its customers, for example, Düsseldorf-Rome, Nice-Moscow, Munich-Berlin. Within this route management strategy, empty flights – or “legs” – are created.

Triple Alpha is now offering its customers the opportunity to view current empty legs before making an inquiry. Using the service, customers enjoying some flexibility in terms of time, can cut their costs. Booking an empty leg has its advantages. As the plane is already at the place of departure and no separate outbound flight is required, the charter price is correspondingly lower. Empty legs are particularly interesting for customers wanting to charter a plane from an “Empty Leg” airport at short notice, as the crew is already on site, so the plane can be up in the air within an extremely short timeframe.

As one of the largest German business charter airlines, Triple Alpha operates fifteen planes worldwide, ranging from small jets to a luxuriously-equipped Airbus. This means that not only are empty legs available in Germany, but throughout the company’s entire route network – an ideal precondition enabling flexible customers to book empty legs worldwide.

The “Empty Leg” feature is fed directly from the Triple Alpha booking system and is constantly updated.