Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts welcomes JurysDoyle Hotel Group to Global Hotel Alliance


Singapore – As a founding member of Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts extended its welcome to international Dublin-based JurysDoyle Hotel Group (JurysDoyle). JurysDoyle will be the 10th member of GHA, the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands.

JurysDoyle comprises a collection of 11 luxury hotels which are located in six cities namely Dublin, Cork, London, Bristol, Washington DC and Boston. Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts, through the GHA alliance, will be working closely with JurysDoyle to extend Pan Pacific’s customer reach into these strategic cities and embark on joint sales and marketing initiatives.

“JurysDoyle’s presence in the GHA will strengthen the alliance’s network and present an opportunity for members like Pan Pacific to increase our brand exposure and reach out to more customers especially in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States,” said Kevin Croley, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing for Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts.