Tibet reopened to foreign visitors


More than three months after a wave of violent anti-China protests, Tibet has reopened to foreign tourists, Chinese state media said. “The region is ‘safe,’ and overseas visitors were welcome,” state news agency, Xinhua, quoted a local tourism chief as saying.

China had closed Tibet to foreign tourists after riots erupted in mid-March. The decision to allow them back comes days after the Olympic torch’s short, tightly-controlled visit to the region passed off smoothly.

“The success of the Olympic torch relay held three days ago in Lhasa demonstrated that the foundation for the social stability has been further consolidated,” Xinhua quoted Tanor, deputy director of the Tibet Autonomous Regional Bureau of Tourism, as saying.

“Tibet is safe. We welcome the domestic and foreign tourists.”

Though Tibet was closed for foreigners, domestic tour groups were allowed to Tibet since late April, Xinhua said.