The Marketing Orchestra: The new global communication network is born

Today, June 25th 2008, the new communication network is born: The Marketing Orchestra – Global Communication Network, counting among its members communication agencies from around the world specialising in the travel, transport, luxury and lifestyle markets.

The Marketing Orchestra is created from a joint initiative led by several communications professionals, and lists among its members Martinengo – Global Marketing Communication (Milan) Wilde & Partner (Munich), Sergat Espana (Barcelona), FD (London), Hawkins International (New York), NewellPR (Hong Kong). As of today, the network consists of 13 agencies in 20 different markets: Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, US, China and also France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Nigeria, Israel and Dubai. Other markets are being researched and new affiliations will be added in the near future.

The Marketing Orchestra will provide integrated communication services on a global basis; allowing network clients to liaise with a single entity able to operate in different markets. Member agencies retain total independence and each one has extensive expertise and is well-established in their specific markets.

“In light of the rapid globalisation process we have been pondering the need for an international network working above the national level. However, we are opposed to depersonalization and to a top-downwards type of management, where the characteristics of single members disappear under a domineering body. Consequently the Marketing Orchestra is a global communication network with a detailed knowledge of key markets, in which all agencies enjoy equal benefits and contribute to the alliance, while retaining their economic independence and their own business activities”, says The Marketing Orchestra Board of Directors.

“Global Networks are becoming more and more appealing in every markets, but it is also important that the different members know and trust each other. For this reason all network members are well-known partners, of proven experience and who have cooperated in the past. Moreover, all member agencies are market leaders in their segment and in their respective countries, keeping daily contacts with international professionals and institutions. Working in synergy and in a well-structured partnership will also be an important business opportunity and provide every agency with the chance to have productive discussion, resulting in the profitable exchange of ideas and know-how”, ends the Board of Directors.

The network The Marketing Orchestra ( ) today consists of 13 independent agencies based in Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Lagos, London, Milan, Munich, New York , Paris and Tel Aviv, offering integrated communication services on a global level: press & public relations, marketing, communication and sales promotion.