WSI Corporation announces latest WSI Fusion release


WSI Corporation today announced the latest release of WSI Fusion(TM), a proactive flight management solution that provides early insight into changing flight, airport, and airspace conditions enabling air carriers to optimize operations and mitigate the impact of disruptive events.

This innovative solution fuses public and proprietary weather information, airspace constraints, flight information, and operational data into a crystal-clear operational view to streamline and enhance operational decision making. WSI Fusion is one in a series of proactive operations management solutions offered by WSI that transform weather information into safer and more efficient flight and airport operations.

“WSI Fusion enables air carriers to stay ahead of changing operational conditions and take positive action to reduce operational impacts,” stated Mark D. Miller, VP and general manager of WSI’s Aviation Business. The latest release further enhances global capabilities most notably incorporating WSI’s global turbulence indicators and expanding global lightning coverage.

The combination of precise terminal and en-route forecasts with flight-centric alerting provides early insight into impactful conditions, resulting in operational flexibility and ultimately savings in the form of improved fuel planning. “As an example, WSI Fusion alerts operators when a flight plan intersects WSI’s global en-route turbulence forecast area and then enables optimal routing to reduce fuel usage and turbulence incidents,” continued Miller. “Through proactive operation management and control, WSI Fusion enables air carriers to reduce cost per flight segment which is imperative in the current operating environment.”