Tanzania Tourist Board seeks to explore new niche market


(eTN) It was learned last week that added efforts will be made by the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) to promote diaspora travel overseas among people of African descent who have an interest to explore not only their own roots but generally get acquainted with the rich history of the African continent and its varied cultures.

Remarks attributed to the Minister of Tourism who was speaking on the subject while on a tour upcountry, also provided figures – which could not be independently confirmed before going to press – that the tourism sector in Tanzania contributed to over a quarter of the country’s foreign exchange earnings and contributed up to 17.5 percent of the Gross National Product (GDP).

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The Tanzania Tourist Board, in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism and other governmental bodies, has for a while now been beefing up access to monuments and ancient ruins, especially those related to the slave trade. They have also started to spruce up archaeological sites across the country, where visitors can learn about early mankind’s way of life.