Regulations on mainland tourists’ travel to Taiwan published


BEIJING – Mainland-based Cross-Strait Tourism Association (CSTA) has published three regulatory documents on mainland tourists’ travel to Taiwan.

The three regulations, posted on the National Tourism Administration’s website, were drawn to provide guidelines on the management of mainland guides to Taiwan, mainland tourists’ registration with CSTA, and their tourist activities on the island.

CSTA accredited mainland travel agencies should report mainland tourists’ names to relevant authorities for records, the regulations said.

Agencies should not engage in economic, cultural or any other cross-Straits exchanges in the name of traveling in Taiwan, and tourist activities on the island should not involve gambling, pornography, drugs, or any other activities that may hamper mainland-Taiwan ties on the island.

Tourist teams should be led by guides who have passed relevant training and are accredited by the CSTA, the regulations said.

The regulations also demanded an emergency mechanism to be set up by the accredited travel agencies, in case of natural disasters or other incidents threatening the safety of life and property of mainland tourists in Taiwan.

Travel Agencies should report to relevant authorities in time if mainland tourists refuse to leave Taiwan after the trip, the regulations read.

The regulations also asked tourists to behave themselves, and to show decency in their conducts.