Hail Amir announces a program to develop the historic city of Faid


Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsin, Amir of Hail, president of the Supreme Commission for Hail Development, announced recently the preparation of a an action plan for the comprehensive development of the historical and archaeological city of Faid. This city includes historic monuments such as the famous Zubaydah Route, well known as a pilgrimage route of ancient days.

The program aims to develop the city of the Faid as a sustainable tourist destination. The announcement was made during the final phase of the archaeological discoveries at the Faid historical site, which is funded by the High Commission for Hail Development, in which SR 2,500,000 was allocated to the various stages of archaeological finds. The program is implemented in coordination with the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA), as a part of the efforts of the Supreme Commission for Hail Development to develop all sites that are designated for tourism and economic development throughout the province.

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Amir of Hail, on the other hand, has praised cooperative efforts between SCTA the Higher Commission of Hail Development and Hail municipality for achieving strategic goals of development in the province.