Reconstruction of Kasubi Tombs in Kamapala begins


Kampala’s one and only UNESCO World Heritage site, the Kasubi Tombs of the Buganda Kingdom, is now being readied for rebuilding, following a devastating fire a few weeks ago. At the time, this sacred site was almost completely destroyed by a sudden fire, and no details are available as yet to the cause of the fire or those suspected to have lit the proverbial match. While Uganda lost a priceless tourism asset, the Kingdom of Buganda lost an essential part of its identity and heritage.

It is understood that building activity will begin this week and that a perimeter wall will be constructed, besides working on the shells of the burned-out buildings.

This first stage is likely to take until the end of the year before further work will then follow. UNESCO is supporting the reconstruction as is the Ugandan government, the city council, the Buganda Kingdom, and many individual supporters. The funds raised so far and still expected from a variety of fundraising activities both inside and outside of Uganda will be managed by Price Waterhouse Coopers, a globally-renowned accounting and business consultancy firm, to avoid any suggestions of misuse of donated money.