Voyager Jet Center receives prestigious Platinum rating from ARG/US


Pittsburgh-based Voyager Jet Center has received the highly-coveted Platinum rating from Aviation Research Group/US Inc. (ARG/US), the world leader in specialized aviation information research and analytics. The ARG/US Platinum rating is the highest-level safety audit rating awarded within the private aviation industry and is widely recognized as the ultimate validation of excellence in operational practices and flight safety standards.

Voyager Jet Center, committed to providing customers with the utmost private charter experience, is one of only 61 Part 135 operators in the United States to be recognized as Platinum by ARG/US out of approximately 2,400 total operators.

“I am extremely pleased to announce that Voyager Jet Center has been rated Platinum by ARG/US. Not only are we one of only three operators in the state of Pennsylvania to achieve Platinum, less than 3% of all Part 135 charter operators in the U.S. attain this extraordinary safety rating,” said Richard M. Ryan, president of Voyager Jet Center. “This rare achievement is the direct result of hard work and dedication from our employees along with a strong commitment from ownership. Safe and efficient transportation is the mantra of Voyager Jet Center and our employees. The ARG/US Platinum rating validates our safety systems and processes,” added Ryan.

The ARG/US-administered rating focuses on three major criteria – historical safety ratings, current aircraft and pilot background checks. Following a rigorous and comprehensive analysis of each area, ARG/US awards a safety rating of Does Not Qualify (DNQ), Silver, Gold, Gold+ or Platinum to Part 135 operators that meet or exceed these criteria. To attain Gold+ or Platinum, an on-site audit is required. Platinum is the highest level of ARG/US safety ratings available.

The ARG/US audit is a true “process” and “systems” audit administered by trained and experienced aviation auditing professionals to evaluate the operator against industry best practice standards. A Platinum rating requires a functioning Safety Management System, a clear and workable Emergency Response Plan, and appropriate written standards, implementation, and records for all major aspects of Operations and Maintenance within a flight department or charter company.