Blanket tourist warning questioned by the Tourism Authority of Thailand


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has questioned the Foreign Office’s decision to extend a warning against travelling to Bangkok to the whole of the country.

British tourists have been advised to exercise “extreme caution” throughout the country to avoid being caught up in violent anti-government protests.

The recommendation follows a series of explosions in the capital Bangkok last week, in which dozens of people were injured.

As a result, officials are advising against “all but essential travel to the whole of Thailand”, to reflect concerns that “violent incidents of an unpredictable nature are occurring in many parts” of the country.

A TAT spokeswoman told the Daily Telegraph that, while the agency accepts the advice against travelling to Bangkok, it believes the latest blanket guidance to be “excessive”.

However, ABTA – The Travel Association has advised travel insurance customers not to visit the country at the present time.

Spokeswoman Frances Tuke explained: “They should realise that, should they decide to go, get caught up in an incident and get injured, and have travelled knowing the Foreign Office advice, they will not be covered by insurance.”