China Zoo glues basket on tortoise’s back to catch money from tourists

In China, people believe that tossing coins at a target might just bring them good luck or ward off evil spirits. Most often, the targets are along the lines of a water feature, a statue or bell at a temple.

In an example of a good luck superstition going bad, recently an older Chinese woman delayed a flight after she tossed coins into the plane’s engine for good luck.

But the most recent target causing great controversy is a living tortoise in at Nanning Zoo in China. This zoo has glued a basket with a Chinese national flag directly onto the tortoise’s shell so that visitors can toss their coins into the basket for luck.

Nanning Zoo is known for showing rare animals like dolphins, Asian elephants, and red-shanked douc langurs. It also has the usual zoo animals such as tigers, lions, bears, and hippos.

The zoo now says it is investigating. Supposedly the event happened on China’s National Day holiday.

The incident was reported by a user of Weibo – a Chinese version Twitter. The Weibo post said the zoo was using the tortoise to “swindle” cash from tourists. The post went on to say that the National Forestry Bureau and state media should investigate.

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