Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities preparations afoot for the Arabian Travel Market 2010 in Dubai


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA), will participate in the events of the 17th session of the Arabian Travel Market 2010 in Dubai. The event will be held at Dubai International Center for Conferences and Exhibitions, United Arab Emirates, during May 4-7, 2010.

Dr. Fahad Al Jarbou, assistant vice president of SCTA for marketing, stated, “The Kingdom’s participation comes as an extension to the successes that have been achieved in its previous participations in this important international event.” Dr. Al Jarbou indicated that SCTA, through its participation in this event, aims to introduce the Kingdom as a competitive tourism destination for GCC citizens, as well as for domestic tourists who are the key target of SCTA’s activities and programs.

Dr. Al Jarbou further stated that SCTA’s participation also aims to support activities of tour operators who were qualified and accredited by SCTA, increasing rates of tourism trips through promoting travel and tourism activities, encouraging investment in tourism projects, as well as shedding a light on attractive elements of tourism services in the Kingdom.

Twenty Saudi companies will be participating this year, among of which will be Al-Tayar Travel and Tourism Agency, Al-Shetawi Travel and Tourism Agency, Al-Hokair Group, Riyadh Exhibition Center, Dar Al-Eman, Saudi Hotel, Saudi Hotels and Resorts, Zamzam International, Accord Hotels Saudi Arabia, and Elaph among others. This year, the Kingdom will represent a number of tourism trends and handicrafts, among many other activities.

Sixty countries are participating in this annual event, and it is considered as one of the international travel affairs in which participants from the five continents participate to represent tourism destinations, resorts, airlines, and tourism services.