Habitat for Humanity Australia invites Australians to help Nepal

In recognition of International Women’s Day, Habitat for Humanity Australia is launching the Impact Build in Nepal, setting out to build the community of widowed women housing, water sanitation, and a way back into the society that has exiled them. Habitat for Humanity Australia is inviting everyday women and men of Australia to embark on a life-changing journey March 7 – 14, 2020, to bring truly positive change to these women in need.

“Life Builders” will volunteer alongside the women of Nepalgunj and local construction workers to build ten homes over a week commencing March 7. Habitat for Humanity Australian CEO Nicole Stanmore says “Life Builders” will play an important role in assisting these women to build homes, communities, and empower the Nepalese women who have been shunned from their community and face violence, discrimination, and poverty every day.

“In the Nepalese culture, these women are considered symbols of ill omen and are viewed as the cause of death of their husbands. This is often followed by violence and forced evacuation of their husband’s family home,” stated Mrs Stanmore.

“The Impact Build is dedicated to helping this community of women who have been forced into a life of poverty and vulnerability, rebuild their lives and regain a sense of security. Everybody deserves a decent place to live,” ended Mrs. Stanmore.

Impact Build 2020: Unite. Rebuild. Empower.


The Impact Build’s mission is to reintroduce these women into adequate housing and back into their community. This will be a three-year project, with Impact Build 2020 focused on erecting houses for these women. In the second year, water sanitation and hygiene will be improved and in the third, the focus will be to improve community infrastructure.

This build offers an eye-opening opportunity to explore and experience Nepal, Kathmandu and Banke District. Volunteers will venture off the beaten track, and their travel experience will be both an impactful and meaningful adventure. Habitat for Humanity Australia is calling for Australians to register by January 7.

Impact Build 2020

Location: Banke District, West Nepal. Nearest town is Nepalgunj, where volunteer accommodation will be located.

Trip dates: March 7 – 14, 2020

Registration fee: $200

Fundraising goal: $2,500

Approximate in-country costs (including all accommodation, meals and transport): $1,000 – $1,200 twin share

Registrations are now open and close on January 7, 2020

For further information on Habitat for Humanity or to volunteer and register for Impact Build 2020, visit habitat.org.au

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