to Congress: just say no to carry-on and lavatory fees


“The commercial airlines have reached a new low by attempting to charge passengers for the right to place their luggage in the overhead bins,” said Flyers Rights president and founder, Kate Hanni. “It seems they will continue [to] try and squeeze out every dollar they can from passengers, regardless of economic hardship, inconvenience or humiliation.”

Today, Kate Hanni’s organization, , responded to the recent announcement by Spirit Airlines that it will be charging passengers for the privilege of placing their luggage in the cabin’s overhead storage bins by calling upon Congress to ban such practices permanently. Also, in light of a recent announcement by Irish carrier Ryanair that it will begin charging passengers for in-flight bathroom use, the group also urged Congress to prohibit US carriers from doing likewise.

Spirit Air, according to their announcement, plans to charge US$45 each way for the use of overhead luggage bins by passengers. The fee drops to US$30 for customers who reserve a spot before arriving at the gate, either online or at the ticket counter. Members of the Spirit Fare Club will have to pay US$20. This is in addition to their current policy of charging anywhere from US$15 – US$90 for checked luggage.

“The reason why the US has become the ‘Land of the Fee’ when it comes to air travel is simple: fees are treated differently than other revenue in terms of the taxes they have to pay to fund the national aviation system,” added Hanni, “so not only do these latest gimmicks harm passengers, they are shortchanging all of us by skirting their responsibility to help maintain and upgrade our nation’s aviation infrastructure.”

Ryanair has begun retrofitting their fleet of airliners to begin charging passengers for the “privilege” of using their onboard restroom during flights. Passengers will pay approximately US$1.40 each time nature calls while flying. In addition, three of the four restrooms currently on their airplanes will be removed to make space for additional seats. is calling upon all passengers to tell the airlines, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” Please click the link below to sign an online petition to the airline executives urging them not to charge fees for overhead luggage bin usage or bathroom access: .