Hong Kong no mask law evokes new protests

The recent decision by Hong Kong authorities to invoke emergency law and ban face masks has resulted in a period of unrest. Protests against this new no mask law have now entered its fourth day. This law was brought into effect at midnight on October 6, 2019.

Protestors are defying the Hong Kong no mask law by more people wearing masks as a statement against this new emergency law imposed by government. Those protesting wear masks to conceal their identity and avoid punishment by the government.

At present, some MTR train stations are not operational. Mongkok, Whampoa, Kwun Tong, and select others in New Territories are still under maintenance repair work.

It is recommended that visitors stay away from these higher risk protest areas: Mongkok, Shatin, Tsuen Wan, Wong Tai Sin. The hotel concierge can assist tourists with information should they want to visit those areas.

For the latest on MTR train operations, please check with the hotel concierge or check on-line for updates.

There is the possibility that business hours in shopping malls and supermarkets within these areas may be reduced with them closing earlier than normal.

Should there be further clashes, it is expected the Airport Express will run directly from Central to the Airport – most likely on weekends. Travelers should ensure sufficient time is allocated – from 3 to 5 hours – before any flight departure.

Clashes have so far been largely confined to the evening hours.