LUXOR, Egypt – Three hot air balloons crashed in three different locations in the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor, injuring a French and six Colombian tourists, police said.

Fifty-three other tourists who were on the sightseeing tour were rescued unharmed.

Police Maj. Ahmed Aboul Rous said the hot air balloons crashed because of strong winds in Luxor, 510 kilometers (320 miles) south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The seven hurt tourists all had broken bones and were in hospital, but Rous said none of the injuries were serious or life-threatening.

Along the Nile River, Luxor’s West Bank contains the Valley of the Kings and its famous collection of well-preserved Pharaonic tombs, including King Tutankhamun’s, that draw thousands of tourists daily to the area.

Hot air ballooning, usually at sunrise, is increasingly popular with the tourists in Luxor.