Rains affect Bukoba Airport reopening date


The ongoing work at the Bukoba aerodrome, which started in mid-2009, has been affected by the present wave of torrential rains sweeping Tanzania and much of the East African region.

It was learned by mid last week that the planned re-opening is now going to be delayed by at least two weeks to permit the rainwater to drain away and allow the contractors to finish crucial works before air traffic can resume. The airstrip of the Bukoba aerodrome has been extended to accommodate larger turboprop aircraft to land there, as previously only light-single and twin-engine aircraft were able to use the field.

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Much of the Eastern African region has been subject to excessive rains in recent days and weeks, causing landslides; submerging bridges, roads, and railways; and destroying crops, bringing with it added fear of a looming food shortage as a result of the likely lack of a good harvest.