No jets for Rwanda


Press reports in South Africa, reportedly written with malicious intent to portray the government of Rwanda as “spending crazy” have been utterly rejected by Kigali last week. The authors had suggested that the government in Kigali had purchased two executive jets, while in actual fact the two aircraft in question are owned by a privately-registered aviation firm, with several shareholders BUT not the government of Rwanda.

It was also confirmed at the time that a charter agreement does exist for the Rwandan government to use these aircraft when a private jet is required and no commercial flights are suitable for the purpose, and that such expenditure was duly budgeted by the respective governmental departments, including the office of the president, and there was nothing sinister or unusual about it.

A well-known source in Kigali suggested to this correspondent that the original article, which appeared in the South African Times, was not just ill researched but outright defamatory and aimed to undermine the relations between the two countries and play into the hands of government opponents.