Umberto Vezzoli chef at Inter Continental De la Ville Rome takes his skill in Italian cooking to Hong Kong


Guests of the Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong are experiencing the delights of the best of Italian cuisine, prepared by Mr. Umberto Vezzoli, top chef of outstanding fame, who recently took over the leading role at the Intercontinental de la Ville in Rome Italy.

The initiative, born by Ciro Verrocchi the general manager of Intercontinental De la Ville Rome, will continue in Hong Kong until March 1.

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Mr. Vezzoli’s art in the creation of refined Italian cooking is legendary. His goal is to penetrate this sophisticated side of China and introduce the basic ingredients that have made Italian cuisine famous in the world.

The program at the Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong includes a series of gala dinners dedicated to Italian regional recipes and their wines, selected from the best Barolo brands, Brunello di Montalcino, and the sparkling Franciacorta, to name only a few. A parade of good dining and drinking will delight the palates of special gourmet guests selected from the financial, political, cultural, and show business fields.

“This is a kind of pedagogic ‘lesson’ regarding the Mediterranean flavor, color, and the varied smells, which are at the base of the Italian regional and territorial cooking,” declared Mr. Vezzoli at the eve of his mission, promising to conquer his guests through his classical creations, ingredients, and recipes.

Vezzoli’s art of cooking will be revealed to the guests starting by explaining how to recognize the quality of Italian ingredients and how to cook and serve it. Then, he will disclose the importance of the DOP (denomination of controlled origin) ingredients to be used such as extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, the bread, the various qualities of pasta, the cheese, and the wine.

Mr. Vezzoli will take the opportunity to pass onto the Intercontinental Hong Kong chefs, information and instruction about the philosophy and the concept of the Italian style and culture of eating , information on the origin of the recipe, and the territorial origin of the products.

Story by T. Conte – English adaptation by Mario Masciullo, eTN