Cheapest and priciest public transport around the world revealed

Cheapest and priciest public transport around the world revealed

There are major differences in the cost of public transport around the world. The cost of a single ride with a bus, tram or metro can differ by more than ten euros. This is one of the conclusions of a research conducted into the costs of public transportation in 80 tourist cities in 53 different countries.

Within the study, prices of one way rides with public transport were examined. Rates of both the shortest and longest rides were collected.

Average public transportation ride costs less than 2 euros

The bus, tram and metro are the most common means of public transport worldwide. Of all the tourist cities surveyed, the bus was found in 35.8% of the cities. The metro (19.8%) is also common in tourist cities. In third place are the tram and metro, both with a share of around 12.3%. On average, a ‘single short ride’ with one of these four means of transport globally costs € 1,68.

Cairo and Buenos Aires are the cheapest

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The cheapest rides with public transport can be made in Cairo (Egypt) and Buenos Aires (Argentina), where public transport costs -on average- 11 euro cents. Contrary to those cities, a one way public transport trip in Venice costs € 7.67 when the water bus is taken. In addition, public transport in Copenhagen has shown the most expensive one-way ticket, which can cost up to € 13.90 per ride.

Public transport cost per continent

An average ride with public transportation in one of the researched tourist cities in Africa costs 28 euro cents. On average, the most expensive trip with public transport will cost tourists €2.96 in Australia and New Zealand. In South America and Asia, tourists pay €0.75 and respectively €1.37 per ride. Finally, an average public transport ride to a destination in Europe costs travelers €2.74.

Planning to visit several European cities? European public transport has shown to be cheapest in Eastern Europe, with an average of 94 euro cents, followed by the South of Europe where an average ride costs € 2.14. A ride in the North of Europe is -by far- the most expensive with an average ticket price of € 3.99. In Western Europe, the average ticket price for a single ride is € 2.51.

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