Now you can have your cake and eat it too in Hong Kong


Tasting Hong Kong (powered by Wing Wah) was launched on January 1, 2010 in Hong Kong, the city that has a high reputation for fine foods. It is the first-ever tourist attraction based around the themes of local dining culture, festive customs, and daily snacks.

The cultural gallery and onsite performances not only bring excitement to visitors, but also unveil Hong Kong and its people in an extraordinary way. Tasting Hong Kong is also a convenient place to purchase souvenirs, as it gathers all the best delicacies that Hong Kong has to offer in one place for overseas travelers, as well as locals.

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The Cultural Gallery
Founded by Wing Wah Cake Shop Limited, Tasting Hong Kong is located at Yau Ma Tei of Kowloon Peninsula, right next to the famous tourist spot, “Temple Street.” Since the 1950s, Wing Wah Corporation has been promoting traditional Hong Kong delicacies to overseas travelers. To keep up with the corporate spirit and its objectives, Tasting Hong Kong was born out of a new operation model in the industry in which Wing Wah cooperates with travel agencies of inbound and local tours to promote this new attraction of local pastries, puddings, cakes, and daily snacks. They offer multilingual guides presenting the dining history, culture, and anecdotes in the gallery, just as if you were back in old Hong Kong. They offer cake-making and tea-making demonstrations on site, and you will find it enjoyable taking photos in front of the Hong Kong landmarks illustration wall.

Over 100 Selected Delicacies
In the souvenir shop, there are seven delicacy corners, which include “Chinese Cakes,” “Puddings,” “Pastries,” “Snacks,” “Candies,” “Festive Foods,” and “Chinese Tea,” complete with mini food models and short videos showing the food making process. Over 100 selected local delicacies are available for self consumption and as gifts.

Chinese Pastry & Cake Making Class
Not only simple visits are offered but also a unique experience – the Chinese Pastry & Cake Making Class, to make your own Chinese pastries and cakes with our master baker. In addition, experienced tea experts from Jiangxi will show you the techniques of tea-making. You will feel delighted at the class, enjoying the Hong Kong’s culture with cakes and tea. You surely will fall in love with Tasting Hong Kong no matter if you come with tour or as an independent traveler!

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