Seychelles tourism academy restaurant gets funding


The Seychelles hospitality industry held a culinary contest and gala dinner at the end of last year, showcasing the capabilities of Seychellois chefs and cooks, while at the same time fundraising for a range of purposes. Over 400,000 Seychelles Rupees were actually raised and will now be used to renovate and refurbish the academy’s own restaurant, La Goulette.

The check was handed over last week by the ISPC Catering Company’s CEO to the chairman of the STA. Once the restaurant is re-opened, it will again be available for individual diners, as well as groups and functions, giving valuable training experience to the students of the academy.

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It was meanwhile also learned that new hotels and resorts coming on line are supporting local food industries, which offer meat products procured from local farmers and dairy products processed on the islands, again purchased from local farms.

A statement availed to this columnist, made by the Minister of Finance, complements these efforts, as they reduce not only import bills but also “spread wealth and prosperity” across the Seychellois society. Tourism undoubtedly is THE engine of economic activity across the archipelago and getting more entrenched as the world-wide recession is on the way out – and the tourists are again on the way in.