Austria and Iran tourism partnership

Austria and Iran tourism partnership

At a Sustainable Tourism Conference. an agreement was signed by an Austrian delegation of travel and tourism leaders with Iran. The joint Iran-Austria working group was organized on the sidelines of the event.

The agreement covers a whole range of areas, including the exchange of modern regulations and documents in the field of mountain tourism and nature touring, drawing up statutes and regulations for national parks and nature touring, organizing tours to familiarize Austrian media and tourism authorities with Iran’s mountain and nature tourism potential, and exchanging experience on advertising and supervision in accordance with European standards.

“Among the countries which have signed memoranda of understanding with Iran on tourism, Austria, compared to others, has more logical behavior and has complied with the memorandum of understanding and road map it delineated with Iran,” said Mohammad-Ebrahim Larijani, a top Iranian tourism official.

In 2020 Austria will host the next workshop to discuss issues such as cultural heritage, tourism, standardization of accommodation and ways of supervising tourism facilities.

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