Russian ‘Spidermen’ invade Moscow and St. Petersburg subways

Spiderman-clad acrobats have been showing off their ‘superpowers’ to subway riders in Russia’s Moscow and St. Petersburg, but their dazzling stunts barely surprised or scared anyone around them.

The Marvel superhero imitations frequented Russian rapid transit systems, trying their best to catch the attention of passengers at stations and on trains. Across Russia’s biggest cities, they were filmed hanging from a handrail, defying gravity in a moving metro car and greeting passers-by on the elevator.

Most of the ‘Spidermen’ have backgrounds in breakdancing or acrobatics which helps them garner donations from impressed riders. But their stunts, as eye-catching and breathtaking as they were, didn’t impress others much.

What’s more, people nowadays are too consumed with smartphones and mobile devices to see something extraordinary happening right next to them – even if it is an upside-down commute.

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