Kampala City Council bows to pressure and reopens museum


Following outrage by the public and intense pressure from governmental departments, the hapless Kampala City Council finally removed the chains and padlocks from the Uganda Museum and Farmers’ House – the building housing the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, and Industry – permitting staff and visitors access again to these two key institutions.

The museum is thought to have lost millions of shillings through lack of income via visitors fees, while work at the Ministry of Tourism was made all but impossible, a fallout which may yet cost the council a lot more in terms of political ramifications and pay back in the coming weeks and months.

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The Kampala City Council is notorious for not providing services like regular rubbish removal or keeping the city clean and its infrastructure intact, and it has once again gifted Kampaleans with a multitude of newly-opened-up potholes along city streets, while the non-paved roads have turned into ravines during the current rains due to lack of any maintenance at all.

Even President Museveni has often expressed his anger over the failure of the city fathers to keep the capital clean and the streets pothole free, and there is speculation as to just when the administration of Kampala is being taken over by central government, something long demanded by suffering city residents.