More visiting Italian tourists said that Eritrea is a major tourist destination in view of the prevailing peace and security in the country, coupled with its spectacular natural resources and historical sites.

One of the tourists, Mr. Bovenzi Antonio, expressed admiration to the prevailing security and neatness in Eritrea and said that he plans to visit Massawa, Dekemhare and Mendefera.

Similarly, Mr. Quintiliani Eugenio indicated that he is well-acquainted with Eritrea and admired the hospitality of the Eritrean people. He also said that the country’s salubrious weather is in itself one of the factors for tourist attraction.

Still another visitor, Ms. Adriana Avico from Rome, stated that she was born in Asmara and that she is visiting Eritrea after 34 years. Ms. Adriana further expressed conviction that Eritrea is one of the top tourist destination countries.

Also another Italian visitor, Ms. Anna Pratolini from Ferenze, said that the prevailing peace and security in Eritrea is so impressive that any person can move freely day or night.

Likewise, an Italian tourist visiting the country for the first time, Mr. Roberto Fiorucci, said that he loves the beauty of Asmara City, and added that he desires to visit Eritrea again. Mr. Roberto also stated that he would encourage his friends to visit Eritrea.

It is to be noted that a number of tourists expressed admiration to Eritrea’s rich tourism potentials and its hospitality of its people, stating that Eritrea is an island of peace in the war-torn Horn region.