Dream honeymoon holiday in Seychelles


The Emirates Bride Magazine has come out with five pages on a honeymoon in the Seychelles. The magazine speaks about the dream honeymoon holiday in the unique mid-ocean island destination.

“When it comes to idyllic beach getaways for that all-romantic honeymoon, look no further than the Indian Ocean with its beautiful islands for your own piece of paradise,” the article says.

Seychelles made worldwide news as the honeymoon destination when Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge of the United Kingdom, used these tropical islands for their own honeymoon. What was even more remarkable was the privacy and discretion the royal couple found available in Seychelles and that they were ensured no pictures of the newlyweds would make it to the tabloids. This guarantee is given to every newlywed couple so that they can still, in this day and age, enjoy themselves without the prying eyes of the press.

The Emirates Bride Magazine pushes the closeness of Seychelles to the whole Middle East with a flying time of just 4 hours+ and that the Seychelles remains a destination with no visa requirements for any passport holder. This visa free entry into Seychelles is a point that the Seychelles Tourism Board harps on when they say that Seychelles remains friends of all and enemies of none.

Seychelles is known for its natural beauty and for its clean and white picture-perfect sandy beaches. The clear turquoise blue seas of the Seychelles provides for some of the best year-round swimming, as these tropical islands do not have winter months. The cleanliness of Seychelles, the friendliness of its population, the safety of the islands, and their natural beauty, provides without any doubt, the best and most romantic honeymoon for any newlyweds.