Slow Tourism: The Ghost Village of Celleno celebrates art

After the extraordinary public success of last year, the long-awaited appointment with the “Teverina Buskers,” the international festival of street artists, now in its fourth edition and considered among the most important nationally, returned from September 13 to 15. The event took place in Celleno, the Borgo Fantasma, (Ghost Village) a pretty medieval village with an ancient castle located between Viterbo and Civita di Bagnoregio just an hour from Rome.

Over 50 artists performed at the Festival, including exhibitors from all over the world featuring local crafts and street food, jugglers, clowns, trapeze artists, acrobats, street bands, and face painting. These artists offered the public a large window on a contemporary circus and street art with over 30 events including shows and performances. Workshops for children and adults were also organized.

The Teverina Buskers is organized by “Il Circo Verde” under the artistic direction of Simone Romanò and the patronage of the Municipality of Celleno, which has now become the permanent meeting place for street artists in transit between one show and another. During the year they find hospitality, opportunities for comparison, and friendship formation.

Facts about the Ghost Village

The Municipality of Celleno is located in the Province of Viterbo in a strategic position between Civita di Bagnoregio and Lake Bolsena. It is just an hour from Rome by car and close to Orvieto and the border with Tuscany.

A majestic medieval castle is located in the square of the village. The Orsini Castle, once inhabited by a large part of the population, was abandoned after a violent earthquake. For 40 years, the castle was subsequently only inhabited by the internationally-renowned artist, Enrico Castellani, who passed away in December 2017. Castellani in his lab-studio of Celleno has created most of his art spread throughout the world and that reaches a fetching price of a million euros per work.

Today, visiting the Orsini Castle, it is possible to breathe the art of the recently-discovered Maestro, along with the uninhabited structure. The “Ghost Village” of Celleno remains intact, with the Orsini Castle on the tuff cliff (like the nearby Civita di Bagnoregio) and the surrounding area green and full of opportunities for slow tourism and with different food and wine suggestions.

Particularly well known is the Celleno Cherry Festival which is held every year with the characteristic “spit of the hazel” with the proclamation of the national winner of those who have been able to expel the stone at a greater distance. Celleno is also called “The Village of Cherries” due to its historic tradition of cerasicola cultivation and the famous festival.

Many artists have visited and noticed Celleno for its beauty and for the start of film projects as in the recent visit of director Sorrentino.

Slow Tourism: The Ghost Village of Celleno celebrates art Slow Tourism: The Ghost Village of Celleno celebrates art

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