Green Globe certification awarded to Maya Ubud Resort and Spa-Bali


UBUD, Bali – Green Globe has announced certification for the sustainable management and operation of Maya Ubud Resort & Spa-Bali. The certification cemented the resort’s commitment to conduct business in a more sustainable and responsible manner.

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa General Manager, Paul Blake, commented, “The commitment of our entire management team and involvement of all our employees under the guidance of our Executive Assistant Manager & Environmental Officer, Romy Anggara, to re-evaluate the way we conducted business, and the mindset change that transcended into daily actions, were the key contributory factors that resulted in the resort obtaining Green Globe credentials.”

“The challenge is now to continue to build on this strong sense of pride that has been developed in our employees in belonging to a company that is committed to further enhance our business model to establish a common and global approach to environmental issues.”

Commenting on the award, Irene Miller, Eco Leadership Co-founder, said: “Maya Ubud impressed with their commitment not only to pass the audit, but to do well in the ultra-competitive hospitality industry working with the local community. The hotel and spa operations were scrutinized and measured against the rigorous Green Globe standards in 4 key areas – sustainable management, socio/economic, cultural heritage, and environmental. Eco Leadership is the Preferred Partner of Green Globe in Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Romy Anggara added: “Whilst celebrating our success in achieving this certification, we are fully aware there are more opportunities for improvement in operating more sustainable in an ever changing global climate. Our commitment to doing business with a responsible mindset augurs well for the longevity of the whole organization.”