Roads bad in parts of Ngorongoro


After the holiday period some information has filtered back from Arusha, that travelers to and beyond Ngorongoro complained of bad roads in the wider Ngorongoro area, in particular extending towards the Serengeti and the branch off towards Lake Victoria. Some claim that some of the roads were literally impassable after extended rains.

Only recently did this column report that TANAPA was opposed to constructing a paved highway through the Serengeti, but it is understood that a new road is being planned from Mto Wa Mbu to Loliondo, which when complete will bring relief to travelers.

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However, other parts of the country were also affected by flooded roads and wash outs, following extremely heavy rains across parts of the country, which disrupted traffic, while the road from Arusha to Babati, recently in this column over a drying up lake, was closed due to becoming impassable after the rains.