Tourism challenges: Self-imposed, external factors, or both?

Everything that can be touched as shown in the article image from ATB has a direct link with tourism. For Seychelles, tourism matters because tourism is today the pillar of the country’s economy.

Tourism, however, remains very volatile as an industry. It threads on stability for its continued successes. External forces can disrupt tourism at any time, and this is something that destinations such as the Seychelles can do little about. The island nation is also vulnerable to local and to government actions. Here operational costs, safety and security, cleanliness, and value for money always come in as major points of consideration.

External forces include how oil prices fare, and this today is and will remain a worry. News breaking this morning shows it clearly: “Oil’s on the boil gain. Brent surges over 10% after a coordinated drone attack hit on Saudi Arabia’s oil industry forces the kingdom to cut its oil output in half. This is Brent’s biggest advance ever.” This may well start impacting on the cost of travel, and long-haul tourism destinations will be the first to feel the impact.

Strikes like the recent British Airways one where flights are just simply cancelled, or the weather as was the case in Spain just days ago are all actions or causes that keep would-be travelers at home.

External forces we all can do little about, but locally-maneuvered challenges most certainly can have action taken by tourism stakeholders to pressure government to hear the call being made by the private sector to remove obstacles and to let the travel and tourism work.

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