Adolf Gaischeg of Mags Tours in Slovenia appointed Ambassador for HiTA


HONOLULU, Hawaii – The Hawaii Tourism Association (HiTA) announced that Adolf Gaischeg of Mags Tours in Slovenija – the Republic of Slovenia – has been named their newest Ambasador.

“I am pleased to represent the Hawaii Tourism Association in Slovenia. As a new member of the EU, our country has a rapidly-increasing outbound travel market,” Mr. Gaischeg said.

He continued: “The US is a very popular destination. Many of our travelers have heard about Hawaii, but don’t really know much about it. We can fill in and, with your help, educate our industry to raise awareness and, consequently, demand for travel to the Aloha State.”

The President of the Hawaii Tourism Association, Juergen Thomas Steinmetz, said: “I always believed in the potential of the European market for Hawaii as a tourist destination. Slovenia is a good place to start, and we’re excited to work with Mags-Tours to make Hawaii the tropical destination of choice for travelers from Slovenia.”

HiTA’s ambassador program is rapidly growing and it’s reach is moving around the globe. Ambassadors include: Pankaj Pradhananga from the Four Season Travel & Tours in Nepal, Patrick Wong from World Express Pte Ltd. in Singapore, Jayesh Ashar from Pearls Travels in India, Jorge Gonzales Carling and Juliana Osorio from World Tours in Colombia, and Walter R. Dias from Unique Choice in Qatar.


The Hawaii Tourism Association’s (HITA) mission is to inform, educate, and update the global travel industry on current and emerging trends, economics, events, activities, businesses, and marketing that help shape the tourists’ perception of the Hawaiian Islands. HITA serves as a discussion forum for issues affecting industry members interested in doing business in Hawaii, while also working with new markets and regions expressing interest in visiting the Islands. The association offers member services that enhance the Hawaiian experience and promote the indigenous people, culture, and uniqueness which differentiates the most geographically-remote place on Earth from other island sand-sun-surf vacation and business destinations.