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Moscow Subway testing face recognition payment system

Moscow Subway testing face recognition payment system

Moscow Metro subway is testing a face recognition system it is planning to use to collect cashless fare payments from riders. At this stage, the system is being tested without the participation of passengers.

The press service of Russian capital’s subway said that the testing is carried out jointly with VTB Bank and Sberbank. The results have not yet been announced, as they are currently being processed and will take time to finalize.

According to the head of the city’s transportation department, a pilot project for entering the metro using the face recognition system can be introduced by the end of next year.

Earlier it has also became known that the Russian police will receive portable video recorders with face recognition feature.

The device resembles a small walkie-talkie radio that can be attached to police uniform. The camera is able to distinguish faces and send data to a server, where pictures are checked against databases. When matches are found, the system will display information about the person.