e-Newsletter continues to report on progress of Seychelles marketing


The tropical islands of the Seychelles have issued this week their latest e-Newsletter and it remains as informative as ever with up-to-date news of this mid-ocean tourist destination.

Available on www.seychelles.travel , the island’s e-Newsletter continues to bring to life the progression and dynamic marketing approach in place in the Seychelles where it sits virtually on the equator in the Indian Ocean.

From recent MOUs signed by the Tourism Board, to reopening of new establishments, to participation by the island at tourism trade fairs, all have been covered in this latest e-Newsletter.

Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, said as this last issue was hitting the computers of the thousands of subscribers, that communication and their e-marketing approach had now entered a new era. “We believe in the need to communicate, but with worthwhile information. We believe we need to keep all our partners updated with what is happening in our tourist paradise and this is why we have this monthly e-Newsletter which is so full with happenings in our Seychelles,” he said.