Fiji: Typhoid outbreak poses no threat to tourism


The Ministry of Health has advised tourist operators around the country that the typhoid outbreak in Nanoko village in Navosa poses no threat to them.

Ministry spokesman Peni Namotu said this was because Nanoko village was relatively isolated.

“Nanoko village is about 50 kilometers up into Naitasiri so there is no potential threat to the tourism industry,” said Mr Namotu.

He said all patients at the village had been treated and an inspection team from the Ministry of Health had been sent to the village.

Mr Namotu also said a ban had been placed on mass gatherings and merry making in the village as part of efforts to contain the disease.

“We have also closed the two schools in the village, a primary school and a secondary school because of this outbreak,” he said.

“Typhoid is essentially a sanitation problem and it can be spread from human and animal faeces. So we are currently advising all people to practise hand washing and proper hygiene procedures and also to boil all drinking water,” Mr Namotu said. He said those being treated for the disease were complying with their medication dose as instructed by medical officers in order to ensure there was no relapse of the outbreak.

“We are also advising those who develop fever to seek medical attention immediately just in case these are symptoms of typhoid,” he said.

Mr Namotu also confirmed there had been no other cases of typhoid confirmed in the country. As of yesterday, the number of people infected with typhoid at Nanoko village stood at 29.