Seychelles and UAE to benefit from joint tourism efforts


The newspaper, “The Gulf Today,” has taken up the story of the Seychelles islands opening their first diplomatic representation in the Middle East and Gulf nations. Seychelles last week opened their latest Embassy, and that was in Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

William Faria wrote in “The Gulf Today: “The President of the Republic of Seychelles, James Alix Michel, disclosed on Thursday that bilateral ties existing between Seychelles and the UAE have been rapidly developing over the years and that both countries were enjoying a cordial relationship both in trade and tourism.”

The Seychelles President thanked the UAE for its confidence in the Seychelles, especially in the tourism sector, adding that both countries would benefit immensely.

The visiting President made the remarks while officially inaugurating the Seychelles first ever resident diplomatic mission in Abu Dhabi.

President Michel noted that the opening of the mission is a testimony of a new dimension to the already existing excellent relationship that both countries have. He said the hallmark achievement crystalizes Seychelles’ desire to establish close relations to the countries of the Middle East and the Arab world in general.

The opening of the Seychelles Embassy in the UAE is very timely, given the great political and socio-economic transformation taking place in the Middle East, said the President.

Present during the colorful historic ceremony were the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Seychelles, Jean Paul Adam; Abdul Salam Obaidi, UAE’s Assistant Undersecretary for Protocol Affairs; ministers and senior officials of the government of the UAE; and ambassadors, diplomats, and key figures of the business community of the UAE.

Michel said that the opening of the Embassy comes at a time when the UAE is also celebrating its 40 years of nationhood, a time when UAE is showcasing to the world its formidable achievements.

Describing the UAE as a great friend of the Seychelles, Michel hailed the interest of UAE President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan for his country.

“Special focus will also be on the promotion of economic and business exchanges and interactions between the business communities of both countries,” said President Michel.

Seychelles new diplomatic mission, which is situated in the Muroor area, will also accommodate the new Seychelles Tourism Board office, which will be focusing on tourism marketing activities in the capital.

“The new Embassy will act as conduit between the government and people of Seychelles, to the government and the UAE, and will give a new dimension for interaction and contact,” said Michel. The Seychelles Embassy will be people-focused and efforts will be spared towards promoting Seychelles in the UAE, and the Middle East in general, through tourism-related activities and campaigns, he added.

Opening of the Embassy comes as a logical development after Seychelles resident Ambassador to the UAE, Dick Patrick Esparon, presented his credentials to the President of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in September this year.

Esparon, as the first resident Ambassador to the UAE, said that he sees his mission as one of great historical importance for Seychelles in its quest to deepen the already excellent ties of friendship, understanding, the cooperation that exists between Seychelles and the UAE, and the exploration and facilitation of new areas of cooperation.

Speaking to “The Gulf Today” after the inauguration ceremony, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Seychelles, Jean Paul Adam, noted that the government of Abu Dhabi has set up an advanced infrastructure in the Seychelles during a short period of time.

The Minister also said that Seychelles welcomed the recent launching of Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways’ early this month, adding that the service to Seychelles is an additional boost to the already cordial relations with the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE in general.

He highlighted the importance of commencing Etihad Airways’ flights to Seychelles, which will contribute in increasing trade with the UAE and encourage businessmen to invest money in the Seychelles, especially in the fields of tourism, fisheries, and agriculture.

We deeply appreciate the strong assistance and support given by the UAE government to Seychelles, which continues to support Seychelles’ through its efforts, said Adam.

The government and people of Seychelles, the minister said, is deeply grateful to the President and the UAE in general for their continued support towards our country.

It is a testament to the special existing friendship between Seychelles and the UAE, that has promoted us to open our diplomatic mission right here in Abu Dhabi, said Adam.