6 injured, 1000 evacuated after gas explosion at Canary Islands hotel


Six people were injured and 1000 tourists evacuated after a gas explosion at a luxury hotel in Spanish Canary Islands.

Four of the injured were in critical condition, according to emergency services.

The explosion occurred in early evening at the Cordial hotel in Mogan, in the Spanish archipelago off the north-west African coast, just as a tanker truck was delivering gas.

“After the explosion, part of the hotel’s spa roof collapsed,” the Canaries emergency services said.

A 55-year-old Norwegian tourist suffered burns to “100 per cent of her body” and was taken by helicopter to a hospital, a services statement said.

Three others were also taken to hospital while 17 people were treated for panic attacks.

The 1000 evacuated hotel guests were allowed back into the main hotel, which was not damaged, said Gema Suarez, spokesman for the local mayor.

Mogan is a tourist town of some 20,000 residents situated in the south-west of Gran Canaria.