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Hurricane Dorian claims 5 lives in Bahamas: Minister takes video of flooding

It has been confirmed that 5 people have died in the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas as a result of the onslaught of Hurricane Dorian. Officials are expecting this number to rise.

Dorian is packing winds of up to 185 mph causing torrential rain and flooding.

Power failures, floods and communications breakdowns are making it impssible to search for victims and assess the damage on Monday afternoon.

According to emergency responders many thousands of homes in the Abaco Islands, in the northern Bahamas, were damaged or destroyed. Some videos showed floodwaters just below battered rooftops.

The National Hurricane Center has downgraded Dorian from a Category 5 to an “extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane. It is expected to hover in the region until late Monday.

See video taken by the Bahamas Minister of Agriculture and Marco City, MP Michael Pintard, who lives on Grand Bahama, inside his house. The water is 20-25 feet high at his bedroom window and around his house.