Florida Keys escapes Hurricane Dorian: Tourists welcome

Threats to the Florida Keys from Hurricane Dorian have significantly diminished, said Chip Kasper, the meteorologist-in-charge for the Florida Keys Weather Forecast Office, this morning.

The National Hurricane Center removed all of the Florida Keys from the Hurricane Dorian forecast error track providing Keys officials the opportunity Saturday to welcome visitors to travel to the island chain.

The National Hurricane Center has not issued any Dorian-related watches or warnings for the Florida Keys island chain.

There are no mandatory visitor or resident evacuation orders for the Keys, although on Friday, Keys officials had asked visitors to leave if they could. Late Saturday morning, officials reversed that messaging saying tourists were welcome to remain or travel to the Keys, based on confidence with new forecast information.


Kasper said that based on the current storm forecast, potential effects for the Keys are some fast-moving squalls with brief strong wind gusts, possible for Monday through Tuesday night as Dorian’s center moves further north in the Atlantic Ocean.

Information on Florida Keys lodging, attractions and activities can be found at fla-keys.com.

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