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Where To Go From Your Serviced Apartments In Belfast

Where To Go From Your Serviced Apartments In Belfast

Belfast is a friendly city that’s attracting more and more tourists from Britain, Republic of Ireland, and beyond, and once you’ve visited, you’ll understand why. One of the great attractions of Belfast is not only that it has a wealth of attractions within its city limits, but it’s also close to a number of other exciting Northern Ireland locations. Whether you hire a car or use the affordable public transport system, you’ll have no difficulty in reaching destinations that take the breath away. Here’s our guide on where to stay in Belfast, and where to wander once you’ve checked in.

Where To Stay In Belfast

As you’d expect from a city that attracts as many tourists as Belfast, there’s a wide range of hotels to choose from, but these can result in an impersonal experience rather than transporting you into the heart of the city. That’s why smart travellers use the luxurious serviced apartments provided by Dream Apartments. Each apartment is perfectly located near tourist hotspots, and free parking is provided along with a concierge service, so you won’t worry about where to park up. That’s not all that’s free as they also come with Wi-Fi as standard, a free maid service to keep your one or two-bedroom apartment spotless, a fully equipped kitchen, and expert advice from friendly staff. There’s dog-friendly accommodation too, which is good news for those who want their four-legged friends to share the fun.

Central Belfast

There’s so much to see and do in Belfast that you’ll wonder why you’ve waited so long to visit. There are historic buildings and museums, relaxing parks and public gardens, and the not to be missed Titanic Belfast experience. The stunningly designed museum takes you into the human heart of the Titanic story, from the Belfast engineers who built it to the tragic stories of those who lost their lives in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Belfast is also famous the world over for its music and bar scene, and when the lights go down the Irish craic begins.

The Giant’s Causeway

Just sixty miles north of Belfast is the Giant’s Causeway, one of the most stunning natural sights in the world. Even if you’ve seen the causeway in books or film, seeing it in person takes the breath away thanks to the sheer scale of its huge rocks rising out of the sea. Legend says that the giant Finn McCool left these mighty markers, and they form a variety of shapes today said to represent his boots, his house, and the pathway he used to cross over the waters to Scotland.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Country

No television drama this century has had the impact of ‘Game Of Thrones‘, and one reason for its success was the stunning scenery. Much of it was filmed in Castle Ward in County Down. You can explore this real-life Winterfell thanks to tours that cover the thirty miles or so from Belfast, and it’s a must-see location for fans of the show, bringing them from across the world to the stunning mansion dating from the 18th century.

When you stay in Dream Apartments serviced apartments in Belfast, you’ll have easy access to the many great sites of this most magical of countries. From Finn McCool to ‘Game of Thrones’, this is a place steeped in legends and a great place to have a legendary holiday of your own.