US travel abroad declined in 2010


The overall U.S. outbound market totaled 60.3 million in 2010, down two percent compared to 2009. Travel to overseas regions declined* six percent, while travel to Mexico and Canada were up three percent and one percent, respectively.

The top five destination countries in 2010 for U.S. visitors were: Mexico (20.0 million), Canada (11.7 million), the United Kingdom (2.4 million), Dominican Republic (1.8 million), France and Italy (both 1.8 million). Six of the top 10 destinations visited by U.S. travelers posted increases in 2010. PRC moved ahead of Japan as the most visited Asian country.

U.S. travelers set records for travel to the Caribbean region and the countries of the Dominican Republic, Aruba, South Africa and Israel.

Spending by U.S. residents traveling abroad (imports) totaled $102.8 billion, up four percent from 2009. Spending within foreign countries (travel payments) amounted to $75.5 billion, up three percent, and spending on air transportation, via foreign air carriers (passenger fare payments), totaled $27.3 billion in 2010, up five percent. Top countries for U.S. spending included Mexico ($9.7 billion), the United Kingdom ($8.0 billion), Canada ($7.0 billion), Germany ($5.2 billion), and Japan ($4.6 billion).