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How to find the best auto parts for reasonable prices?

How to find the best auto parts for reasonable prices?

A lot of needs of modern people are satisfied by cars. Some use the car for daily trips, others develop their business awheel, and some people simply enjoy driving. However, some day or other each car requires maintenance to keep it operable for longer. Such manipulations do not always come down to simple filters replacement and oils refill. Sometimes necessity in a more complicated repair arises, and it requires high-quality auto parts. And that’s where you have to find them as soon as possible.

Wide assortment and precise search

Fortunately, most drivers do not take too long with replacing defective components with new ones. Spare shops do their best to make this process take minimum time. You can visit homepage of boodmo and read how they organize delivery.

There you can see and appreciate a great assortment of spares – the catalog represents almost everything that can be needed for automotive repair of any complexity. A welcome surprise is a further acquaintance with a stock list: the website offers tens of thousands of positions ranging from small fastening elements to pre-assembled machines.

Stock list is divided into sections for more convenient use. Need new pistons? They are represented in ‘Engine’ section. Synchronizer of the 3rd and the 4th speeds for Mahindra required immediately? Here it is, in ‘Transmission’ section.

Giant catalog of boodmo also includes lots of other categories, so it simplifies the process of search and choosing spare parts required for maintenance or repairing other assemblies and systems, too:

  • body;
  • driving train (suspension, wheels, rims);
  • steering controls;
  • brakes system;
  • fueling line;
  • electric equipment;
  • exhaust system;
  • cooling block;
  • compartment air conditioning circuits.

Separate sections are dedicated to interior components, accessories, protective systems and expendables (oils, ATF, cooling and brake fluids).

Such impressive list of auto parts should not embarrass a customer who enters in search of a definite spare part. So, they have implemented the items filter. If you select the model of your car and year of its production, in a few moments you will see components intended for using in your auto.

Such intricate nuances as month of production are also taken into consideration when searching for spare components. It may seem immaterial but in fact car manufacturers permanently advance their cars’ construction changing parameters of these or those parts. Their manual revision by means of matching catalog part numbers takes much time, so each position represented on the website has its specification attached. It includes technical data and the list of automobiles it is compatible with. If specified data (production date, engine version) coincide with those of your automobile, you can be sure that this part is for you.

So, boodmo is oriented to satisfy demands of spare parts as soon as possible and to protect customers from issues with incompatible parts.

Why is dealing with spares online shop beneficial?

When a customer orders auto parts from an online market, he can appreciate all advantages of such decision:

  1. Permanent presence of components and assemblies. Everything that is represented on the website is actually in stock. There is no need to wait until they transport components to the stock – online shop works directly with suppliers, so products arrive literally from production line.
  2. Quality assurance. Before each item appears on sale it is checked for compliance with announced specifications.
  3. Remaining in contact with the customer. It is possible to ask anything you are interested in about choosing parts or replacement aspects at any time – the chat works round the clock.
  4. Swift shipping. The orders are delivered to any point of India as soon as it is possible.
  5. Option of items exchange. Sometimes it happens so that purchased element does not fit the car. In this case it is possible to change it with another one within 10 days after purchase. Alternatively, the cost of the component can be refunded (special request application is created for such case).

The latest option is intended to decrease the terms of automobile repair works. The risk of errors is minimized thank to using genuine parts catalog issued by car vendors. However, sometimes even official documents contain mistakes which are detected only locally while replacement. Item return mechanism is intended for such occasions.

Differences between parts from different producers

An enormous variety of companies produce components and technical substances for cars. According to the origin of spares, all auto parts on the market are divided into such groups:

  • genuine components;
  • compatibles (replicas);
  • forgery.

Each of these groups has its peculiarities which are good to understand before purchasing the item.

Genuine (original) parts are produced on the same factories that the entire cars. They are rather expensive but absolutely identical to stock components. The parts pass through entire technological cycle (usually it includes several stages of quality assurance control), and for this reason they have excellent durability.

Compatibles are produced by third-party companies, and quite a part of them also supply some parts to car vendors. Their quality is equal to genuine parts, as well as their price.

Those who would rather save money pay attention to low-cost ‘duplicates’. They are substantially cheaper but only a bit less durable – difference in lifecycle terms in comparison to genuine components is not critical.

Selection of automobiles is permanently growing, and demand for spares is correspondingly increasing. Alas, this fact did not go past counterfeit producers. If earlier they did not go further than making simple bushings or covers, now they have hit the next level and don’t hesitate to make more complicated components.

Experienced drivers and car repairmen recommend to choose the following goods especially carefully:

  • motor oil;
  • brake system elements (pads, anchor pins, hoses);
  • filters of any types;
  • driving train auto parts (shock absorbers, springs, bushings);
  • body elements.

These items are rather popular among fraud producers. The reason is simple: such production does not require complicated equipment. Obviously, we don’t even mention any quality control. Consequences on using such spares are easy to realize: at least they incur additional expenses for the following replacement with a better part.

Being aware of fraud activities on the market of automotive spare parts, well-known brands do their best to protect their goods from forgery. They apply unique tagging, holograms and changing catalog data on a regular basis. However, a high-quality component can be recognized by other indicators, too – appearance (no defects) and presence of the ‘native’ package box.

Packing has some personal nuances. Striving to make fakes look like genuine parts, their producers sometimes use incorrect carton or overly engage in its design. A spectacular example is an engine bearer for Mitsubishi. Some unknown persons have issued a batch of fakes and packed them in colorful boxes with codes, ‘like originals’. But they lost sight of the fact that genuine parts are supplied without any boxes at all (or plastic bags at most), and the sticker with digital tags was stuck directly to the metal.

Most drivers are not aware of such intricacies of purchasing spares. So, better apply to professionals to secure your car and yourself.

How to find the best auto parts for reasonable prices? How to find the best auto parts for reasonable prices?