Five tourists rescued from drowning in Goa


PANAJI, India – Five tourists, including a Russian, were rescued from drowning by lifeguards of the Drishti Response Services of the tourism department in three separate incidents on Sunday.

Sixty-year-old Alexander Guristor of Moscow wandered into the no-swim zone while swimming at Baga on Sunday morning. He was spotted 50 mtrs from the shore waving out for help.

The lifeguards rushed to his aid with L G Vitthal paddling on a rescue board to reach the victim. Guristor was secured over the board and brought out safely. Upon recovery the victim was found fit and released immediately.

In another drowning incident at Baga on Sunday evening , lifeguards spotted Suraj Mengwar of Dehradun trying to wade into the water about 20mtrs from the shore. Lifeguards noticed that the tourist was under influence of alcohol.

Mengwar continued swimming despite repeated warnings from the lifeguards. A lifeguard patrolling the vicinity responded to a rescue call over the radio and proceeded to the incident spot.

Mengwar was not in a state to grab hold of his rescuer and was pushed onto the jetski by two backup lifeguards.

When brought to the shore, Mengwar was unconscious and his breathing weak. The victim was transferred to the lifeguard jeep and put on oxygen.He ragained consciousness on the way to a primary health care centre at Candolim and was released by the doctors at the centre in a n hour.

In a third incident that occurred at Mobor beach in South Goa, a little past noon three tourists were found swimming in a non-swim zone against safety advice. Akash Mohta, 38, Darshana Mohta, 35 and Rakesh Daga, 36, were chest deep in water when suddenly a huge wave hit them and were pulled in by lateral currents. Lifeguards Monaj Tonke and Nitesh Velip rushed towards the victims and secured them to safety.