Utah’s top recreation tourism destination launches new sustainability initiative targeting confirmed Moab visitors

Utah’s top recreation tourism destination launches new sustainability initiative targeting confirmed Moab visitors

Utah’s Moab Area Travel Council has launched a new sustainable tourism initiative — Do it Like a Local — to educate confirmed tourists to be responsible visitors. The first-of-its-kind, multi-channel campaign changes the role of destination marketing from attracting visitors, to educating tourists about what is important to local residents.

“As many, many visitors from all over the world have discovered, Moab is home to two National Parks, Canyonlands and Arches, which produce over $227 million dollars in visitor spending annually in our community,” reports Moab Area Travel Council Executive Director Elaine Gizler. “This is a wonderful benefit to our community, but on the other hand, thousands of visitors a year can take its toll on our stunning red rock landscapes.

“We’re having ongoing conversations with fellow locals about what Do it Like a Local means to them and incorporating their ideas into the initiative,” says Gizler. “Their input and comments are leading the effort to help educate Moab visitors to treat our precious environment kindly.”

Moab’s first-to-market initiative includes partnerships with travel industry brands and agency of record, Love Communications, and will benefit the local community by creating informed, sustainable visitors. Prospective Moab tourists may first come across Do it Like a Local messaging while searching for things to do in the area. The initiative has a dedicated site, with six basic tips for leaving Moab’s many recreational attractions better than they found them: 1) Don’t Bust the Crust; 2) Respect the Rocks; 3) Wear the Right Shoes; 4) Pack it In, Pack it Out; 5) Bring Plenty of Water and 6) Sharing (the road) is Caring. The site is also a rich resource of information on mindful hiking, mountain biking, camping, river running, dinosaur and rock art exploring and OHV use.

Those with booked travel plans to Moab can expect to see display and video intercept ads and native articles on Trip Advisor and Adara. And once the traveler has arrived, they will continue to see in-market advertising on TripAdvisor, and branded collateral such as table tents, street banners and vinyl window decals in Moab restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies and other local businesses. Social and earned media will also play a role in spreading the sustainability message locally, nationally and internationally.

The microsite says, “Moab locals know everything about Moab – which means they also know what’s best in regard to the proper care for Moab and the natural environment that surrounds it. So be smart, be informed, be courteous, be a good steward.”

“We hope our initiative asking visitors to respect Moab ‘Like a Local’ will make their stays more enjoyable and deepen their knowledge and appreciation of just how extraordinary and delicate our magnificent landscapes really are,” added Gizler.

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