It was a fully-booked Continental Airline flight that touched down at Nadi Interna-tional Airport on Saturday.

On board were 120 passengers including journalists and two airline directors, David Kendell and Koji Nagata, who travelled from Guam to Nadi.

Mr Kendell, the director Micronesia sales and marketing, said he would oversee sales and marketing in Fiji.

“Fiji is our twenty-second destination and we are excited about this service. It has been a long time coming,” he said.

Mr Kendell said there were great opportunities and additions to the airline’s portfolio.

He said some passengers were connected from Japan for the six and a half hour flight which left Guam at about 11pm on Friday night.

Laure Woods, who came to Fiji for a holiday, said she was glad to have been able to travel directly to her holiday destination.

“We had two snacks on the flight so that was nice and the service was also good,” she said.

Transiting through Fiji for a holiday in New Zealand, Ben and Brooke Fitzharrin said there were celebrations during the flight to mark the inaugural flight.

“There was cake for everybody and we were greeted by a band,” they said, referring to the Fiji Police Band which provided entertainment as the passengers disembarked.