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DEA Agents, UNWTO officials and many more impressed with artist Tae-Hong Min from South Korea

DEA Agents, UNWTO officials and many more impressed with artist Tae-Hong Min from South Korea

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Survivor Benefit Fund told Mr. Tae-Hing Min from South Korea: Your commitment to the DEA SBF makes it easier for DEA Special Agents around the world to continue the important work of bringing to justice the world’s Narco- and Drug Traffickers who would do harm to Americans.

Do Young-Shim, Chairman of the UN World Tourism Organization Step Foundation told Mr. Tae-H0ng Min:

I would like to thank you for inviting me to the special invitation of the famous Taehwa artist Min Tae-hong, who is in full swing in June. The painter of the Korean Wave, Min Tae-hong, is known as a thinker who draws the universe in his heart through his fingers or nails. So in the paintings of Min, you can meet the souls of the new universe. The fusion experiment spirit stands out in the super universe art world that embodies Min Dong’s East and West. He communicates with the world through a rare painting in Korean paintings.

Jidouhwa is a painting using nails, fingers, and nails instead of a brush. In other words, he is a painter who newly expresses the mystery of the creation of heaven and earth based on geodetic and traditional five colors. Min’s paintings are housed in the Blue House, the NIS, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and other embassies. He is also the first exhibition artist of the Louvre in France. Ms. Min held a special invitation to support education in developing countries in Africa from April 1 to 10, and I heard that this special exhibition was an exhibition of caring for the dream tree of a multicultural family who was left out.

The UNWTO ST-EP Foundation also thanked UN MDGS for underdeveloped countries such as Africa. I have been working on a small library project. In addition, we are working closely with the African Embassy in Korea to develop a culturally friendly relationship. Minhwa Baek also conducts civil art diplomacy with foreign embassies in Korea to promote the Korean Wave. In particular, it is closely related to the African Embassy in Korea. That is why he received a lot of appreciation plaques and merit plaques from various embassies. In this sense, the special invitation of the artist Tae Tae-hong is in line with our foundation project in the context of the marginalized neighbors such as Africa and multiculturalism.

We hope this special invitation to help the neglected multicultural family dream tree will be completed successfully. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the efforts of the artist Tae-Hong Min, who painted the wholeheartedly for this exhibition, and Chairman Kim Cheol-gwan of the Korea Internet Journalists Association.

Once again, I would like to congratulate you on the opening of Special Invitation for Multicultural Dream Tree by Min Tae-hong. This art.

The artist’s impressive history:

Dhundang Min, Tae-hong (Gangwon Samcheok)

Seoul Art High school

Seoul National University(ACP)

Hongik University Graduate School of Fine Arts


Awards & Career

2016 U.S.Presidential Champions Platinum Award

Minister of Culture and Sports prize at 36th Korea modern art contest

33rd Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition Contemporary Art Grand Prize

32nd Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition nonobjectivity part Grand Prize

1996 Korea Presidential artistic contribution citation (Art contribution part)

3rd World Korean Wave Comprehensive Grand Prize (Art contribution part)

Korea “Proud Korean” Grand Prize (Art contribution part)

22nd Korea New Intellectual Grand Prize(Art contribution part)

1th Korea Artist•Culture grand prize (Art part)

Judge of Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition

Judge of UNESCO International Children’s Art Competition

2014 Korea Filial Piety Grand Prize (Western painting)

2014 Director of France World Peace Art Association

served as Korean National Commission for UNESCO Culture and Arts Honorary Ambassador

Private Invitation Exhibition


2019 US DEA Survivors Benefit Fund Charity auction exhibition (NewYork Lueur gallery)

2019 Korea-China-Japan International ArtFair invitation exhibition (Korea gallery)

2019 Gimpo ArtHall invitation private exhibit

2017 US DEA Survivors Benefit Fund invitation private exhibit (LA)

2016 Korean Army Academy 70th anniversary Invitation Exhibit

2015 Gimpo newspaper invitation private exhibit (Gimpo art hall)

2014 Incheon Asian Games Special Invitation Private Exhibition

Korean National Commission for UNESCO Special Invitation Exhibit (UNESCO House)

France Louvre Museum SNBA (Carrousel Museum)

Jogye Temple Tree Gallery Multicultural Help Invitation Private Exhibition

World-class Tenor Jo Yonggap Concert Special Invitation Exhibit(Naru Art Center)

Seoul Metropolitan Council Gallery Invitation Exhibit(Seoul Metropolitan Council)

Gangwon Chuncheon City Museum of Art Personal Invitation Exhibit (Art Appreciation plaque of governor)

Gang won Samcheok Culture &.. Arts Center Personal Invitation Exhibit (Mayor of Samcheok Art Appreciation plaque)

Korea Kyung Hyang Housing Tile Art Invitation EXhibit (KOEX)

MBC Architecture Exhibition Personal Invitation Exhibit (Ilsan Kintex)

Gang won Donghae City Culture &.. Arts Center Personal Invitation Exhibit {Culture &.. Arts Center Mayor Appreciation plaque)

SIBUILD 94 construction industry tile art Personal Invitation Exhibit (KOEX)

Korean Air Force Academy Gallery Invitation Exhibit

Gyeonggido Gimpo City Art Center Invitation Exhibit

Korea Naval Education and Training Special Invitation Private Exhibition(Commander appreciation plaque )

Gyeongnam Sancheong Oriental Medicine Expo Special Invitation Exhibit(Governor appreciation plaque )

State Tower Gallery Special Invitation Private Exhibition

_Group Exhibition and Planned Exhibition

France Grand Palais (Independant) Invitation Exhibit

France Louvre Museum SNBA Invitation Exhibit

Italy Milan Manif Art Fair Invitation Exhibit

Daegu Inter-Burgo Hotel Special Invitation Exhibit(Mexican Embassy)

Oh! Korea Special Invitation Exhibit (Monthly Art)

Production of France World UNESCO President’s Office Ceramic ware finger painting (Owned by UNESCO)

Special production of Guatemalan foreign minister’s office Korean painting

Holy Club Art Planning Special Invitation Exhibit (Youngnak Presbyterian Church)

Production of representative works during the visit of U.S Speaker of the House Langley (Hyatt)

Selected and broadcast as KBS Drama Tile Piece Artist

Selected and broadcast as SBS Drama Tile Piece Artist

Selected and broadcast as MBC Drama Artist

Director of France World Peace Artists Assodation (APA)

World Art Tour Invitation Exhibit (Chuncheon, Samcheok, East Sea) Culture & Arts Center MBC news

Seoul Bank Head Office World Masterpiece Customer Invitation Exhibit (MyeongDong Headquarters)

Egyptian Pharaoh Exhibition Tile Art Invitation Exhibition (Arts Center )

Buddhist Art Monthly Magazine “Zen Uterature” 6-month Work Invitation Serial Publication

Selected as Korea-Japan Culture Excellent Calendar (Samcheonggak Lotus Flower Room)

Korea’s Office of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Abstract painting production and installation (Sejong City)

China Shenyang Market Samcheok City sisterhood relationship Representative Work Exchange Production

Korea Christian Holy city Holy dub overseas trip 5 countries work production

Korea’s first tile art production (Uijin Baekam Plaza No. 200)

POSCO world art masterpieces exhibition (Posco Art Museum)

U.S. New York Art Fair Tile Art Inviting entry(New York)

World Art Dorumentary Production Announcement (Louvre, Orsay, Prado)

Barcelona Olympic Marathoner Hwangyoungjo winning celebrating work production

Korea Hyundai Motor World Art Exhibition Planning (Seoul Exhibition Center)

Agape Christian Correctional facilities No. 300 sacred painting production and installation (Yeoju)

Holy city Holy dub president (Lee, Young-deok Office of former Prime Minister) work production

Kofi Annan UN Secretary-General Korea’s representative works production

Selected and televised by MBC broadcasting station as drama artist

South Gyeongsang Province Kim, Doo-gwan Office of provincial governor (Korean plum production & installation)

Organized by Embassy of Mexico, 2 persons of Mexican, Korean painter invitation exhibit

_World Art Documentary Production

World Art Museum Documentary Production & Presentation – Louvre, Orsay, Prado (Korean version, English version)

Broadcasters & Media

KBS, The Hankook Ilbo, The kukmin Ilbo, The Herald Business, UNESCO News, MBC, Yonhap News, The Kyeongin Ilbo, Sisa Focus, Asia Times, News 1, Christian Daily, The Chosun Ilbo, Herald PoP, The Kang Won Domin Ilbo, Newsis, The Kangwon Ilbo, The JoongAng Ilbo, Daily Today, Asia News Agency, Maeil Business Newspaper, Nocut News, The Incheon Ilbo, THE Asian, The Korea Defense Daily, The Kyeongnam Ilbo, Ohmynews,

More information about his work and biography can be found at http://mintaehong.com/

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