Tanzania security on alert over terrorist insurgency


TANZANIA (eTN) – Following recent Somali terrorist threats to Kenyan tourist beaches along the Indian Ocean coast with grenade blasts in Nairobi, Tanzania has beefed up security in territorial borders and key visitor places.

The Tanzania police force has launched a security alert campaign to educate people over any possible terrorist attack, calling upon residents in big towns and the capital city of Dar es Salaam to cooperate with security organizations to expose information on suspicious movements of people who could be members of Somali terrorist groups.

Fearing a possible spill of Al Shabaab attacks similar to grenade blasts in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi and the Ugandan capital of Kampala, Tanzania’s Inspector General of Police, Mr. Saidi Mwema, raised an alarm to the public for any onslaught, but urged the people to take precautionary measures.

He said terrorist spillover was possible because some of the militias of the Al Shabaab linked to the raids in Kenya were possibly living in East African countries, and he warned visitors to Tanzania and residents to be vigilant and report to the police any suspicious movement or unfamiliar people in their areas, especially at big gatherings.

Mr. Mwema said security has been enhanced in the areas targeted by the raiders across the borders and along the Indian Ocean coast. Tanzania’s Director of Criminal Investigations, Mr. Robert Manumba, said like all other countries in East Africa, Tanzania security has been on stand-by.

Terrorist attacks in Kenya were a disaster in the East African region, and the truth is, that which is happening in Kenya could also happen in Tanzania, while the police force has been keeping alert on illegal immigrants and pirates hibernating in the Indian Ocean coast.

Dual grenade attacks in Nairobi could jeopardize tourism in both Kenya and her regional neighbors, mostly Tanzania, which depends on Nairobi for various tourist activities and exchange of tourists. Nairobi is a hub for East African tourism and the main connection for big airlines, air charters, and vehicles carrying tourists to visit other countries in East Africa. Kenya has, so far, remained the leading tourist partner in East Africa, giving good tourist opportunities and air connections to other African countries including Zimbabwe, Botswana South Africa, Seychelles, Mauritius, and Namibia.