Air Seychelles returns aircraft ahead of lease return schedule


The first of two Boeing 767-200 aircraft leased by Air Seychelles from the International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) was returned to the lessor, three years earlier than its due date of return. The second B767-200 is expected to be returned early next month.

Discussions between Air Seychelles and ILFC have been ongoing with talks being focused on the basic terms and conditions requested by ILFC to amend the current lease between both parties for an earlier return of both B767-200s.

Air Seychelles CEO Bram Steller has said: “In line with Air Seychelles’ new business strategy, we are right-sizing our fleet and streamlining, hence the return of the B762s.Our new business strategy will focus on maximizing revenue by ensuring appropriate capacity on all routes, flights, and adequate use of our fleet.
The SEZ-registered aircraft, Isle of Bijoutier, that left Seychelles for Arizona this morning, joined the national airline’s fleet in August 2008 [and] was expected to be returned in August 2013.”

An ILFC Techincal Services Official was in Seychelles to collect all records and manuals of both aircraft, whileAir Seychelles engineers carried out engine checks in compliance with the lease agreement.

The second B767-200, ILF-registered aircraft, Amirantes, will depart Seychelles early next week. This aircraft was leased in April 2009 by Air Seychelles and was to be returned in April 2014.

The aircraft, Isle of Bijoutier, departed Seychelles at 10:00 am this morning under the command of 2 Air Seychelles captains and an engineer.

The Airport Fire Services gave a water canon salute to the departing aircraft for having served some 3 years with Air Seychelles.