Seychelles brand growing strong


Seychelles Vice President Danny Faure has described the Honorary Consuls of Seychelles as vital satellites, aiding the development of the country at the opening ceremony for the 5th Seychelles Honorary Consuls Conference held at the University of Seychelles yesterday afternoon.

Over 75 Honorary Consuls have gathered for the biennial event under the theme “The Seychelles Sustainable Islands” (Les Seychelles, Iles Perennes) where they will be discussing issues of natural resources, namely oil exploration and fisheries, and renewable energy.

As the guest of honor, the Vice President formally opened the event and conveyed the gratitude of the people and government of Seychelles for the contributions of the network of Honorary Consuls, which includes 86 individuals from over 60 countries, to the progress and development of Seychelles:

“You are our satellites, our bridges, and our advisers. You provide essential support to our Ambassadors, and our government as a whole.

“Despite being a small country, our Foreign Policy is ambitious. however, a high-quality establishment is not built overnight, and it cannot be shaped by a solitary hand… thus, there has been a redeployment of Seychelles’ diplomacy, which has been realistic, pragmatic, and mature.”

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, also addressed the Honorary Consuls gathered and spoke of the dynamic nature of the Seychelles brand and the country’s evolving foreign policy to continually adapt and meet its development needs, despite the challenges faced:

“The Seychelles brand is growing strongly and is gaining a sterling reputation; however, islands are more vulnerable and more threatened today than they have ever been in their history. We all know that for islands, like Seychelles, the specter of climate change is existential. While piracy and financial crisis are continual shadows that cloud our horizons.

“In view of that, the need to re-highlight our challenges as a small island developing state is important and the support of our Honorary Consuls in advancing further the SIDS concept and their vulnerabilities so that our international partners understand how Seychelles sees itself in the world is significant.”

The conference is being held at the Ephilia Constance resort and will conclude on the October 27.